This page introduces JACEM, Japanese Association for Chinese Economy and Management Studies.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations: PDF

Election Rules for Board Members

Election Rules for Board Members PDF


  • The fourth president (2020 ~ 2022 FY): Deqiang Liu (Kyoto University): PDF
  • The third president (2018 ~ 2019 FY): Goro Takahashi (Aichi University)
  • The second president (2016 ~ 2017 FY): Tomoo Marukawa (University of Tokyo)
  • The first president (2014 ~ 2015 FY): Shanping Yan (Doshisha University)

Board Members

  • The fourth period (2020 ~ 2022 FY): PDF
  • The third period (2018 ~ 2019 FY): PDF
  • The second period (2017 ~ 2018 FY): PDF
  • The first period (2015 ~ 2016 FY): PDF

Membership Application

The scope of the Japanese Association for Chinese Economy and Management Studies' is not limited to the analysis of the contemporary Chinese economy. We cover a broad range of fields including Chinese business management, statistical analysis of economic data, research on economic history, theory on developing economies with a particular focus on China, international relations theory, comparative systems analysis and even policy suggestions for both China and Japan. Our doors are not only open to specialist researchers; we also welcome the participation of graduate students and individuals involved in business and industry regardless of their nationality.

Admission Procedures

If you would like to become a member of the Japanese Association for Chinese Economy and Management Studies, please follow the steps outlined below.
(1) Please fill out the membership application form (available below). Recommendations from two existing members of the JACEM will be necessary for your application.
(2) On the form, please state which type of membership you wish to apply for (standard member/supporting member). Please refer to article 4 of the society regulations for information on membership classification.
(3) When applying, please pay for one year's worth of membership in advance. Should any form of refund be necessary, this will be arranged after your application has been processed.
(4) After submission of your application, your membership will be considered at the next board assembly.
(5) Please download and print out the form available below when applying to become a member.
(6) Please direct all queries regarding your application to the JACEM office.

Annual Membership Fee

Standard member: 8,000 yen
Supporting member: 20,000 yen
Students and those members who are not employed in a full-time position as of April 1st each year are entitled to a reduced fee of 4,000 yen subject to board approval.

Payment Account

Postal Giro Account Number: 00940-2-165703 (please align digits to the right)
Account Name: 中国経済経営学会(Chugoku Keizai Keiei Gakkai)


Japanese Association for Chinese Economy and Management Studies, Faculty of Economics, Momoyama Gakuin University, 1-1,Manabino,Izumi,Osaka,594-1198,Japan